steel gharb company

With regards to the needs of the west part of the country to the industries of dairy processing and expert researches in the field of existence of vast and fertile ranges in the region, Makhazen Steel Gharb Industrial Group Company was established.

This company, with over 20 years of experience in producing different kinds of machinery and stainless steel reservoirs, is proud of having equipped, mounted and booted many factories of dairy processing and production. Since its establishment, Makhazen Steel Gharb Industrial Group has tried to employ fully specialized personnel in different fields and in this direction it has enjoyed the best and latest technologies of the world and advanced production machinery .

Aiming to increase the scientific and practical level of personnel, Managers of this company invited industry and university professors and hold educational classes to enrich the factory’s power of production and make the factory’s products fully based on the modern and updated instructions in the world.

Makhazen Steel Gharb Industrial Group equipped technical cadre, erected and commissioned, offered after–sales service by its experienced experts, visited periodically the machinery and factories equipped by this company and offered statistical reports to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of its products constantly and therefore maintained absolute satisfaction of its customers as a great support.