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Thermal and refrigerated converters

Application of thermal and refrigerated plates

It can be used in chemical industry, petrochemical, power plants and etc.

These plates are also used in dairy factories, pasteurized milk mills, juicer plants and concentrates.

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Specifications for thermal and refrigerated plates

We use stainless steel 316 in assembly of converters, which is one of the best types of metal for the productions in food and health industries.

Applicable for either hot or cold fluid

Best temperature transmitter for use in industrial projects

Producable in different capacities by adding a number of pages either using cobble technology or connecting two converters to each other

Extremely long life due to the use of steel plates in the construction and assembly of converters

The use of EPDM or NBR tube washers, one of the well-known brands of the global consumer market

The use of EPDM gaskets in the chemical, base, acid or salt industries

Use of NBR washer in food and health industries such as milk, yogurt and etc.

Gaskets are installed in such a way that there can be no mixing of two fluids in case of any problems or breakdowns of the gaskets


  • Ease of scaling due to the separability of the plates for acid removal
  • Adjustable in different capacities and production for various capacities of devices
  • No need to use oil or insulation in assembly
  • High efficiency 95% for the first time
  • Fast transmission of temperature in the shortest possible time due to the use of imported 316 stainless steel plates
  • Featuring the lowest installation and maintenance costs
  • The lowest cost of settling and repairs

Locations Used Converters

  • Rubber and plastics industries
  • Petroleum and petrochemical industries
  • Dairy industries
  • Shri Pasteurized factories
  • Use in pasteurizer devices
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Automotive industry
  • Sulfuric acid production plants
  • And anywhere the heat or reflux is to be transmitted through a particular fluid
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