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Homogenizer is a machine for preventing the lipidation process of milk and removing cream from the skin. This device uses pores that disrupt the adhesion of milk fat and make the milk cream smooth even inside the liquid.

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Machine Specifications: 

  • Avoid removing cream or fat from milk
  • Spread the fat in the liquid before entering the liquid into the pasteurized device
  • Perform mechanical steps on the milk to prevent the cream from collecting in the upper part of the milk
  • Creating an uniform cream and spread it uniformly inside milk
  • Avoid collecting milk fat in the upper part
  • Avoid sticking fat cells to each other inside the milk
  • Creating a delicious flavor in the milk
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Use of homogenizer: 

  • In dairy production lines or dairy workshops
  • In ice creams for the production of high-fat and creamy ice cream
  • Oil production lines for the homogenization and production of liquid oils
  • Production of sauce
  • And is used wherever there is a need for uniformity of suspended particles in the liquid

Homogenizer Parts: 

  • Body made of stainless steel head
  • Use of pressure control gauges
  • Use of electromotor as a source of mechanical energy supply
  • With gearbox and special dampers for homogenizer
  • It can be produced with the capacity of 500 to 5000 liters
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