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Pasteurizer Unit

pasteurization is one of the most important processes of heat treatment on milk and other dairy products. If this operation is done correctly, the pasteurized milk will last a long time and eliminate the common causes of human and animal disease. Milk pasteurization may vary according to national laws of each country, but the principle of sharing in all countries is based on the principle that the heat treatment is such that micro-organisms and all harmful bacteria do not harm the product.

The simplest process involves pasteurizing the milk and sending it to the intermediate tank and then into the filler, but if the process involves the production of several types of products, such as pasteurized milk, low-fat milk, standardized milk with a specified fat content, or the purpose of the production of enriched milk, flavored milk and etc. the process will become more complex.

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Pasteurizer Device :

Pasteurizer is a product for pasteurizing milk and a variety of liquids including juices and concentrate products.

Pasteurizing machine requirements :
Pasteurizer is not just an independent device, and it requires heat and cold water to carry out the pasteurization steps, so that the pasteurization process can be done efficiently. To do this, you need a boiler unit as a heating source and a cooling tower or cooling tower as a refrigeration source.

In this regard, the use of a pasteurizer device inside small shops is not feasible because of the need for extensive pipe lining and the launch of the Pasteurizer line, and it is imperative that a larger environment be selected in relation to the production capacity.

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